News H-E-B Employee Appreciation Day

H-E-B Employee Appreciation Day

St. Andrie is situated directly above the best grocery store in the country, H-E-B Buffalo Heights! The store has kept our households well stocked, and the employees have been a source of encouragement and strength. In appreciation for all the work the H-E-B Buffalo Heights team does, St. Andrie residents created appreciation posters to place in the employee parking area to ensure they know how much we care. They are nothing short of Buffalo Heights Heroes!

The owners of Buffalo Heights, BKR Memorial, generously provided all 150 H-E-B Buffalo Heights partners with a $5 gift card to The Roastery as well as gifts and snacks from nearby businesses. Buffalo Wild Wings, Zoe’s Kitchen, Chatters, Truth BBQ, Voodoo Donuts, and Dish Society donated gift cards to raffle off to H-E-B Buffalo Heights team members and discounted meal vouchers.

Thank you for all that you do, H-E-B Buffalo Heights partners!